Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Seaside, Oregon Yarnbombings

Meant to personalize or add warmth to cold public places, yarnbombs add color and a soft touch to the sterile nature of a chain link fence, or a concrete jungle.  Here in Seaside, the yarnbombs added color and gaiety to the honkeytonk nature of some of the boardwalks more impersonal areas. 

Current Yarnbombs in the Making...

I have been inspired by yarnbombers in Europe and elsewhere who have started being three dimensional with their work...I've been enjoying getting super-textural...
Did I mention Zoe LOVES super textural yarnbombs?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Hampshire taggings!

Thanks, Janice!  Wolfeboro will never be the same!
These are perfect placements!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pennsylvania Taggings

Yarmbombing the Nicholson Bridge, sort of...

Then Peggy's tree!!!

And a tree behind Mom's house...see her chimney?

Colorado Taggings

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort, (yeah, hard to find something to beautify!)

Rocky Mountain National Park  "Post Flower"

"Yellow Sail"  Rte 24 between Leadville and Minturn just north from Leadville 

European Yarnbombs

At Paris at the subway and in Collioure 
Thanks P and N

In Tuscany this doll was clothed in purple

 'Nordic Blossom" in Trondheim city colors red and yellow on Gamle Byrbroen Old City Bridge, 
Fjiord Flower over the ------Fjiord
"Five Circle" King Harald and Queen Sonje's palace
Thanks DonK

Vienna Waltz was placed at Strasbourg and  Esterhazy Palace, Eisenstadt,
"Mozart Mandala", Mirabel Gardens in Salzburg, Austria
Steyr, Austria, "Purple Fairy Lace" 
Thanks DonK!

Connecticut Yarnbombs

"Post Collar" FVAC parking lot,  Debbie's Star FVAC
"Azure Sail"  Hammonasset Beach,
"Watchful Eye" (compact car only sign) Stony Creek,
DonK's backyard,
The Fishfry and Main Street Hartford Flower Garden, Gale's deck Farmington,
Church of God Most High Parking Lot, Hartford
Salvation Army Barbour Street Hartford Fence,
Wethersfield Cemetery, thanks Anna
"Spring Showers"  FVAC flowerbox,
"End Cap"  Hammonasset Parking Lot

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The book that launched a thousand yarnbombs...

Post Collar

Hammonasset State Park
Parking Lot

End Cap...

End Cap...

Hammonasset State Park
Parking Lot

Azure Sail, Hammonasset Beach

Starbucks Bench

Still there from spring thru summer...
"April Showers/May Flowers"

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Zoe always helps with the selection of the yarnbombs and deciding where they will go...She sent these to Austria.